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Should I let my baby have toys in their cot?

July 20, 2017

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Why is Sleep Important?

July 20, 2017


‘Sleep is the power source that keeps your mind alert and calm. Every night and at every nap, sleep recharges the brain’s battery. Sleeping well increases brainpower, just as weight lifting builds stronger muscles, because sleeping well increases your attention span, and allows you to by physically relaxed and mentally alert at the same time. Then you are at your personal best’ – Dr. Marc Weissbluth, author of Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child.


Lack of sleep can starve little ones of the energy they need to be happy and well adjusted. If your child is not getting enough sleep every night and day (age dependent), they can be placed at a disadvantage. Being sleep deprived can limit their ability to deal with pressures of the day and it is more difficult acquiring and retaining knowledge.


Sleep experts agree that ‘consolidated’ (uninterrupted) sleep is the most restful and healthy kind of sleep for both infants and adults. Sleep that is interrupted by one or more awakenings during the night usually leads to daytime sleepiness, a decrease in mental flexibility and attention, and moodiness.


Even adults who have had just one night of fragmented sleep show a dramatic reduction in motivation and attention. They often feel overwhelmed by the tasks of the day and have difficulty making decisions.


Sleep deprivation is a powerful thing whereby elationships can suffer, work productivity can suffer. The good news is that once your child is sleeping through the night, you will start to get the sleep you need too, and this will filter down positively into your every day life.

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